Murali Ramu

Murali Ramu

Senior Engineer




I'm a senior applications engineer holding a master's in integrated circuits and systems and a bachelor's in electronics and communication engineering. I've primarily worked on Wi-Fi radios from the Infineon/Cypress portfolio. I have experience in these radios' hardware, software, and regulatory aspects. I'm eager to explore fresh opportunities and responsibilities in design, applications, or firmware development. I also want to use the opportunity to improve my skills, knowledge, and network and help take the team to new heights.

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Senior Applications EngineerInfineon technologies

    Apr, 2022 - Present

    I have worked on 3 major aspects i.e., regulatory, hardware, and software during my role here along with writing blogs, and knowledge articles, and providing training to end users. I have also mentored interns and new hires to the team.

    • Built CLM BLOBs for every Wi-Fi radio of Infineon.

    • Working knowledge of 802.11a,b,g,n,ac,ax, and Wi-Fi 6E.

    • I have also worked on 802.11d, auto country implementation.

    • Defined the templates to be used for CLM BLOBs in Wi-Fi 6 and 6E.

    • Worked with various stakeholders in identifying bugs in CLM BLOBs and fixing them for Wi-Fi 6 and 6E.

    • Performed schematic and PCB reviews.

    • Worked on NVRAM to vary and achieve various power requirements.

    • Have basic knowledge of TSSI calibration.

  • Applications Engineer Cypress Semiconductor

    Jun, 2019 - Mar, 20222 years 9 months

    I started working on Cypress' Wi-Fi portfolio in my first job out of college. This gave me exposure to how customers work, and introduced me to product design cycles.

    • Automated Infineon's WIFI regulatory flow and reduced the time needed for CLM BLOB generation from a few weeks to a few mins.

    • Working experience on WICED, Modus ToolBox, Makefiles, Linker scripts.

    • Experienced in bringing up Linux platforms and building Wi-Fi FMAC drivers on top of that. Proprietary WL tool generation is also a part of this.

    • Have an understanding of IEEE power save, roaming and fast roaming (802.11k,r).

    • Experience in working with IOCTL's and IOVAR's and their interaction with the WLAN firmware.

    • Developed code examples and demo solutions showcasing the functionality of Wi-Fi products.

  • Co-Op BachelorsCypress Semiconductor

    Jan, 2019 - May, 20194 months

    I learned some basics about Bluetooth and I learned a few Bluetooth protocols in this 6-month internship program.

Projects Experience

Projects Experience

  • SoC: Planning and Prototyping

    Jan, 2023 - May, 20234 months

    • I implemented a PoC for performance optimization using timing-driven placements on SoC PnP. This involved generating a Liberty file using TCL by querying internal data and later running timing-driven placements on OpenRoad.

  • Clock and data recovery circuits

    Jan, 2022 - Apr, 20223 months

    • Designed linear and bang-bang clock and data recovery circuits with forwarded as well as not forwarded clock for data running at around 5Gbps in LtSpice as part of a course, VLSI and Broadband Communication Circuits.

  • 8*8 Signed Multiplier

    Jul, 2021 - Aug, 20211 month

    • Designed both schematic and layout of an 8*8 signed multiplier using CMOS full adders in Electric, did critical path analysis and increased the clock speed through pipelining as part of a course, Digital IC Design.

  • V-Sense

    May, 2019 - Aug, 20188 months

    • This was my final year project in B.Tech. This involved using a pressure-sensitive material and a grid designed to detect and map the applied pressure at a point and transmit it wirelessly to an end application. A patent was filed for this.

  • Hobby projects

    Aug, 2015 - May, 20193 years 9 months

    • Home automation, wireless communication(WIFI, BT, RF, DTMF), multiple types of robots, drowsiness detection using brainwaves.



  • Programming Skills


    Embedded C





  • Hardware Skills

    Analog/Digital Design


    Soldering/Etching PCB's

    Schematic/Layout reviews



  • Integrated Circuits and Systems, Masters, IIT-Madras

    Sep, 2020 - Jul, 2023

    EE5003W - Electrical Networks and Systems

    EE5313W - Semiconductor Device Modelling

    EE5310W - Analog Electronic circuits

    EE5311W - Digital IC Design

    EE5130W - Digital Signal Processing

    EE6180W - Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence(Deep Learning for Imaging)

    EE5175W - Image Signal Processing

    EE6322W - VLSI Broadband Communication Circuits

    EE5332W - Mapping Signal Processing Algorithms to DSP Architectures

  • Electronics and Communications Engineering, Bachelor, SJCE, Mysuru

    Aug, 2015 - May, 2019

Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work

  • Secretary, IEEE-SJCE, EDS

    Jun, 2017 - May, 2018

    Teaching and guiding juniors through the various workshops and activities like robotics, soldering, etching, project manias

  • Chairperson, IEEE-SJCE, EDS

    Jun, 2018 - May, 2019

    Responsible for conducting various workshops like robotics, soldering, etching, and project manias to guide juniors

  • Member and Volunteer, IEEE-SJCE

    Aug, 2015 - May, 2019

    I was a volunteer as well as a member and was involved in many fests, social activities, and workshops of this student club.



  • Device and method for analysis and detection of malocclusion,

    Published on: Invalid date

    Non-Provisional Patent application no. 201941035079 before the Indian Patent Office



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  • Yashwanth SD

    I've known Murali Ramu for the last six years as an assistant professor at Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering (SJCE), JSS Science and Technology University, in Mysuru. In addition, I tutored him for the Computer Networks and Automotive Electronics courses, Mentored him for his Final year project and oversaw his lab for the Design and Implementation Project Lab.
    Based on what I saw during this time, he was a conscientious and dedicated student.
    This was demonstrated by his grades for each semester and his enthusiastic active involvement in all class discussions one proof of that would be the patent that we filled on the project that he did for his final year.
    Overall, I am confident he will exceed your expectations and prove a worthy candidate.